Within the app there is a sample curl command to invoke the API to send SMS. If curl command is unavailable to you, these are the alternative method you can use to invoke the API.

- App from sms.oofnivek.com installed
- Bearer token configured as “abcd1234”
- Port configured as “8080”
- Private IP address obtained is “”
- Sending to someone in Singapore (+65) with the number 87654321
- With the message body “hello world”


By default curl is available in Mac and Ubuntu. If you are running Windows, you can either download curl for Windows or install Windows Subsystem Linux then add Ubuntu into it.

Do NOT use PowerShell Invoke-RestMethod. I had tried numerous ways to send a message like the example below. “hello world” always get translated to “hello+world”. If anyone found a solution, do drop me a message.


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