Extract SRT From MKV

Kevin FOO
Mar 8, 2021


I don’t do this very often, and when I do, I forgot the syntax and had to google it all over again. Time to put an end to this and put it in my own Medium story.

Install mkvtoolnix

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y mkvtoolnix

To list all the tracks in the MKV but it doesn’t tell you which track is which language.

mkvmerge -i video.mkv

To list all the tracks in details but it is harder to read. Best to save to file and vim from there.

mkvinfo video.mkv

Command below to extract

mkvextract tracks video.mkv 2:output.srt

In generic form will be

mkvextract tracks <video_file.mkv> <track_id>:<output_file.srt>

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