This page serves as a table of contents of all the stories I had written (also easier for me to refer to them when I need it).

Common Functions

MD5 Sum (Bash, Go/Golang, Node.js, Ruby, CSharp/C#)
SHA3 Sum (Bash, Node.js, Ruby)
CRC32 Sum (Bash, Go/Golang, Node.js, Ruby)
Random UUID (Bash, Go/Golang, Ruby)


My Linux Cheat Sheet
Ubuntu Enable Swap
Ubuntu Install Apache
Ubuntu Install PHP
Ubuntu Install Laravel
Ubuntu Compress File
Ubuntu Install Puppeteer
Ubuntu Install Squid
Ubuntu Install Go/Golang
Ubuntu Install MySQL
Ubuntu Setup Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
Ubuntu Send Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Push Notification
EC2 Ubuntu Increase EBS Size
Ubuntu Install Nokogiri
Ubuntu Install Deluge
Ubuntu Install Plex Media Server
Ubuntu Extract SRT From MKV
Launch AWS AMI With Preconfigured Password
Install GUI for Ubuntu Server
Ubuntu/macOS Remove MP4 Metadata
Ubuntu Install Subversion SVN
Linux Split & Join Large File
Ubuntu Bulk File Rename
Ubuntu Edit Apt Sources
Ubuntu Edit Sudo Password Prompt Duration


Go/Golang Concurrent Map
Go/Golang Read Query String
Go/Golang Read POST Form Values
Go/Golang Read HTTP Header
Go/Golang Array Of Struct To JSON
Go/Golang Static File Server
Go/Golang Key Value Bolt DB
Find Out Go/Golang Variable Type
Go/Golang Run Command Line
Go/Golang CRUD MySQL
Go/Golang AngularJS Conflict
Go/Golang Get IP, User Agent, Country
Go/Golang Format Date String
Go/Golang Iterate Map of Array of Struct


Vue.js Populate Table Rows


Puppeteer Scrape Webpage
cURL Equivalent

Puppeteer Promise Catch


Apache Configure Domain
Go/Golang Share Instance


Image Compare By Pixels
Jigsaw Search In Image (version 1)
Needle In Haystack Search (version 2)


My Ruby Cheat Sheet
Ruby Web Server
Sending Personalized SMS
Ruby Query MySQL
Ruby Multi Threading With Pool Size

Dynamic IP Dynamic IP
Cloudflare Dynamic IP


Android Enable Developer Options
Android Extract APK
Android File Transfer
Android Push Notifications
Android Button On Click
Android Copy Text To Clipboard
Android Replace Fragment
Android Base64 Encode/Decode
Decompile Android APK
Android Kotlin Get WiFi IP
Android Kotlin Web Server
Android Send SMS With ADB

CSharp C#

CSharp C# Object To JSON

Windows 10

Run Ubuntu In Windows 10


MySQL Last Insert ID


Download YouTube Video Chain Top 1000 Accounts
Common SVN Commands
MacOS Record Line Out Audio
Monty Hall Probability

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