MacOS Record Line Out Audio

MacBook does not provide 3.5mm line in port
3.5mm cable male-to-male
# how to install BlackHole
brew install blackhole-2ch
# or
brew install blackhole-16ch
# how to install SoX
brew install sox
# start recording with SoX
rec filename.mp3
# trim 1 seconds away at the beginning
sox input.mp3 output.mp3 trim 0:01
# trim the mp3 length to 1 minute 23 seconds
sox input.mp3 output.mp3 trim 0:00 1:23

Updates (16 Feb 2022)

I found a better alternative to BlackHole for 2ch. It is called Background Music. To install run the command below

brew install --cask background-music



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Kevin FOO

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